Removing Bad Review Online (That It Cannot Be Done, Only Adding New Takes 20 Positive Reviews To Fix One Negative Review)

Having a bad review on your reputation is bad. A bad review can hit your business hard. A responsible online business will make sure one of her responsibility is controlling her online business and image. Therefore, having a plan or procedures to follow in removing a bad review is an important part of a marketing campaign through reputation management.  Once your marketing team notices a bad online review on your reputation as a business, the first thing to do is an attempt to remove it. You can also completely counteract them by doing the following:

  • Check the guidelines of the site and see if the negative review violates any of their policies. If it does, contact the webmaster and request it be removed while citing their rules.
  • Another thing to do is to simply request a removal of a bad review by writing to the webmaster through a letter, explaining the problem this cause to your reputation and taking responsibility where possible.
  • You can also address the negative review and carefully contact the author. This is the best chance of removing a bad review. Apologize if need be for your actions and seek ways to rectify the situation. You can seek them to update their comment with positive information.
  • If it appears there is no headway after doing the above, you can attempt to bury the bad review. Write a good content about your business or person, and have your loyal customers or clients to respond to it.
  • Counter-action is very important, so use it. The social media is a viable platform for this. Write compelling positive articles about your business and reach out to your customer base.

If you want to be important in your industry and have people trust you, then it is very important you get all the negative comments or reviews out of the way. Maintain a positive attitude when dealing with a negative reputation online. Lastly, treat reviewers with courtesy and respect. Be calm wise, professional and friendly, and you will deal with it effectively. Also, ensure your marketing team is professional in the way your reputation online is being managed.