More About Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome

Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome has learned a lot about reputation management, entrepreneurship, and running a successful business in her more than twenty years of achievement. Her multiple successful companies are proof enough on their own. Her current and former clients also have a lot of positive things to say about the professional:


“Deborah Frye is an extraordinary business genius and has an amazing success story. She is genuine and honest. Forthright, you’ll always know where you stand. You will never regret doing business with the lady or her organizations.”

Susan Hasty


Reputation management and ReputationSimple

Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome, founder of ReputationSimple, was one of the first people to truly understand and find a solution for dealing with the stark reality of the results of a damaged online reputation. She knows all about how that damage can affect the bottom line of a company. She also knows how to create and connect a wealth of positive information that links together to create a digital wall and rises above the bad in search engines where current and future customers go for information.


“Change even if it hurts so you don’t crystalize.”

– Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome


Other companies by Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome

The idea for ReputationSimple developed while working with a client from one of Deborah Frye’s other companies. Over the years, she has founded several successful companies. In addition to ReputationSimple, they include Bee Page One, Profit Rhino, Reliable Electric, Pool Surgeons, RooterNOW, Icon Website Design, Icon Growth and ZippyRooter. The founder also holds several US trademarks.


Meet the person behind it all

Deborah Frye didn’t start out as Queen of Awesome with all the knowledge, experience, or success that she has today. She had a humble start to life:


“I was very poor and came from almost nothing. I look at the world like an amusement park and after sneaking in under the chain-link fence. I’m going to ride all the rides until someone pulls my ticket.”


She took that drive, motivation, and perspective and dove into school, work, family, and life.

When she was young, Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome started out with delivering newspapers for an income. From there, she went on to work on her studies and worked multiple jobs at once,  payroll clerk, accounts payable, account receivable, collections, cost accountant, purchasing agent and quickly gained the title of controller. She showed what she was capable of, put in the effort, and used her knowledge as well as her ability to find the solution to any problem, and became a Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations and Finance.

The successful entrepreneur has owned multiple businesses across several industries and has been and continues to be successful with them. She also donates her time as an advisor and board of directors member and has previously assisted with the March of Dimes and the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

When asked what one of her greatest accomplishments has been in life, Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome focuses on something closer to home:


“My son – he is a very successful business development executive and former US Navy Rescue Swimmer. He is my greatest accomplishment, and it is an honor to be his mother.”