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The Importance of School Administrator’s Online Reputation

Schools and School Administrators are held to a higher standard, after all, and never more so than when it comes to reputation management. Part and parcel of reputation management is creating a strong, positive, recognizable brand that helps identify you as a thought leader in the educational industry. You need to get out ahead of the curve by creating great content – articles, editorials, blog posts, and more – to ensure your story gets told by you, not about you. Your online reputation consists of a wide array of variables,

which include…
· Your social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more;
· Your “About You” page on your school or school district website;
· Your own blog, website or other private URLs;
· Your Google, Microsoft and other profiles;
· Your profile page with any association which you belong
· What you choose to “share” when you watch movies and TV on Netflix and more…

Imagine getting flak from parents, teachers or even students because of what you someone found out you watch on Netflix! Big horror movie fan? The bloodier and gorier, the better? Some parents might take offense. Big religious movie and TV fan? Like to share what you watch as you watch it? Be careful – just as many might take offense over your personal religious beliefs!
But it’s the world we live in now. And it’s not just what we do that affects our online reputations, it’s what others do as well:

• A blog post, or entire blog, taking issue with your leadership style, your personality or even your ethics and professionalism;
• A local newspaper writing an untrue – or partially true – story about you;
• A former student – or even fired teacher – making a “diss” page all about his “worst principal ever”;
• A rival school tarnishing your reputation online…

Now more than ever, reputation management is of critical importance to school administrators. As we have just seen, even a picture from twenty years ago, posted innocently by some well-meaning or even clueless friend, can come back to haunt us if we’re not careful. But careful isn’t enough these days. We must be proactive in not only managing our reputation, but enhancing it.
Consider the following ways in which managing your reputation online is so important:

· Professional pride. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. All those years of schooling, the degrees and certifications, the academic upkeep and continual learning. Do you really want to leave it all to chance? That’s what can happen if you’re not on top of your online reputation.
· Financial security. When you don’t manage your own reputation, it tends to manage you. Do you really want to leave your career, your future, your investments and retirement to chance? That’s what you do when you ignore your online reputation and don’t manage it proactively.
· A lasting legacy. What legacy do you want to leave behind? A distinguished educator? Principal of the Year? Someone dedicated to lifelong learning? You may not be in control of your legacy if you’re not in control of your reputation.
· An ongoing task. One and done, will not work for this project. Just like your resume, information needs to be updated and refreshed to have a chance to reside on the first page of search engines results.

As you can see, when we don’t manage our personal and professional brand online we have more than just our reputation on the line. If our reputation is damaged or tarnished enough, it may cost us our very careers. As an owner of a reputation marketing firm, we craft your narrative and ensure you tell your story and control the results of page one. If you wish to connect, please see or connect with me on linkedin.

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