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You can contact Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome by visiting her company website, Or, if you would prefer, take a short moment to BOOK A CALL by clicking here and filling out the simple web form to schedule a time to speak. Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome is available to discuss her advisory services, covering a variety of areas of her expertise. She is also happy to personally talk about tailoring the reputation management services she has made available through ReputationSimple. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out.


“Success is about ambition, not money. Money is the scorecard, not the end goal. Bringing value to others – never stop learning and asking questions.”

– Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome


Advisory services

Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome offers advisory services in the areas of business process transformation, the successful conversion of business offerings to subscriptions, financial statement controls, supply chain management, metrics and analytics, mergers and acquisitions, and the addressing of insufficiencies.

The successful business founder has extensive experience in enhancing the reputation and effectiveness of other companies as well as her own. The entrepreneur and expert has established multiple successful companies that attest to her remarkable abilities when it comes to business management, planning, strategy, and promotion.


Areas of expertise

Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome has a high level of knowledge and experience when it comes to business growth and what it takes to make it not just possible, but also exceptional. As a multi-industry professional with more than two decades of experience, she has an enhanced understanding of technology, online reputation management, digital marketing, traditional marketing, integrated marketing, search engine algorithm uses for reputation management, advertising, SEM, revenue enhancement, and public relations.

In addition, when it comes to running a business, she has deep knowledge of distribution and supply chain management, business development, business analysis, metrics and analytics, accounting, finance, mergers and acquisitions, home services contracting, and sales operations.

The professional also has extensive knowledge when it comes to the conversion of manual systems into Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.


Publications by Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome

When not creating companies, running them successfully, or offering her advisory services, Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome can often be found writing so that she can share her wealth of knowledge with others.

She is the author of Reputation Management for School Administrators, Secrets of Reputation Management, Secrets of Local SEO, Secrets of Trademarking, Secrets of Facebook Marketing, Secrets of Linkedin Marketing, Secrets of Video Marketing, Secrets of Google Adwords Marketing and Profit with the Telephone. As for books by other authors that she will always recommend, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Millionaire Mind are both at the top of her reading list and should be on yours as well.


Penn State University, Abington



Deborah Frye Queen of Awesome holds multiple US patents and has also established the following successful companies since her time attending at Penn State University:

• ReputationSimple
• Bee Page One
• Profit Rhino
• Reliable Electric
• Pool Surgeons
• RooterNOW
• ZippyRooter

• Icon Website Design &